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Student Depression

Wonder why your child is under performing in his/her studies? Why your child cannot socialize easily? Well the answer for these questions are right here. […]

Kindling Depression

Depression is a common problem which many in the world are facing. There are many causes for getting depressed. In the present world where stress […]

Hypothalamus Depression

Brain is the major part of the body. The emotional and physical activities are known to be controlled by the brain. There are two main […]

Depression at night

Depression is a condition where the person suffering from it has many mental disorders. The factors which cause depression are spread in various fields. There […]

Fear Anxiety Depression

Fear and anxiety are the two most commonly experienced feelings. Irrespective of age and gender we suffer fear. The reasons for fearing or feeling anxious […]

Psychotic Depression

Depression has many types and intensities in which a person gets affected. Psychotic depression is also a type of depression where a person is effected […]

Adolescent Depression

Depression is a disorder which affects people of any age. Teenage depression is also known as adolescent depression. Adolescent depression is very dangerous, as it […]

Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is also known as Major Depressive Disorder. Though it is referred as depression, there can be may types of depression. To precisely point […]

What is Agitated Depression

Mania is an abnormal state of mind. The patient in this state is extremely furious, irritated and has increased energy levels. Depression is a state […]