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6 Signs of Depression in Adolescence 6 Signs of Depression in Adolescence

Depression can either make a person stronger if they learn how to cope with it, or it can make them weaker and vulnerable.┬áDepression in adolescence┬áhas […]

7 Mild Depression Symptoms You Should be Aware Of 7 Mild Depression Symptoms You Should be Aware Of

Sometimes it’s impossible to realize what is happening in the mind when you are busy handling your life. Mild depression symptoms often go unnoticed just […]

What are the Symptoms of Depression in Men? What are the Symptoms of Depression in Men?

Depression in men is more difficult to point out than in women, as most men find it inappropriate to express or accept such feelings, considering […]

What are the Symptoms of Manic Depression?

Manic depression, or more commonly known as bipolar disorder, is a mood disorder characterized by alternating mood extremities and energy levels. The symptoms of manic […]

Feelings of Hopelessness and Depression

Any stressful incident is very hard for anyone to get over. A traumatic incident can make you go through a lot of pain physically and […]

Diagnostic Depression

Depression is a partly mental and partly physical disease. The disease which causes low self confidence and low self esteem is often referred to as […]

What is Depression like?

Have you ever thought that you can be suffering one of the most dangerous psychological disease even without you knowing you are going through it. […]

Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis

Major depression is one of the common types of depression in the present day world. It comprises of severe depressive symptoms which is often considered […]

Anxiety Depression Symptoms

When a person is feeling scared regarding nothing or if the person is feeling insecure for no reason, then the person is said to be […]

Mood Disorder Depression Symptoms

Mood disorder depression is considered one of the wide spread depressions. It is diagnosed in more than 1 million US citizens. It comprises of frequent […]