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Student Depression

Wonder why your child is under performing in his/her studies? Why your child cannot socialize easily? Well the answer for these questions are right here. […]

Kindling Depression

Depression is a common problem which many in the world are facing. There are many causes for getting depressed. In the present world where stress […]

Feelings of Hopelessness and Depression

Any stressful incident is very hard for anyone to get over. A traumatic incident can make you go through a lot of pain physically and […]

Learned Helplessness

Learned helplessness is a term which was initially used for animal behavior. In some situations some animals behave that they are helpless. Even when everything […]

Guided Imagery Relaxation Exercises

Many of the present days employees and workers are pressurized and are put under lot of stress. To deal with this kind of stress there […]

Depression and Suicide Statistics

Depression is presently one of the most suffered disease across the globe. There are many depression cases which are being registered in the hospitals and […]

Depression and Brain

Depression is a disease where your emotions are completely not in your control. People suffering from clinical depression is known to have some sort of […]

Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis

Major depression is one of the common types of depression in the present day world. It comprises of severe depressive symptoms which is often considered […]

Functions of Neurotransmitters and Hormones

The functioning of the brain is greatly dependent on two main substances. They are neurotransmitters and hormones. Functions of neurotransmitters and hormones are very important […]

Biological Causes of Depression

Depression can be explained in many ways. It has numerous causes and has even more number of effects on a person’s persona. One of the […]