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Hypothalamus Depression

Brain is the major part of the body. The emotional and physical activities are known to be controlled by the brain. There are two main […]

Biological Explanations of Depression

The most common mental illness which can encounter is depression. In the world where terms like stress, trauma, pressure are commonly used it is very […]

Genetics and Depression

Depression is caused by many factors. One of the major factor being the psychological stress a person goes through. But how does a person succumb […]

Depression Environment

Depression is a completely acquired from an external factor alone. Though there are genetic factors which cause depression, even for such depression which are caused […]

Depression and Trauma

Depression and trauma are related with each other in close proximity. Any traumatic incident experienced by a person can always haunt him at any given […]

Depression and Stress

Depression is mostly the outcome of a stressful event. In today’s life there are many reasons because of which one can develop stress. Work pressure, […]

Social Causes of Depression

Commonly faced problem by many civilians around the globe is depression. Depression is a very under rated disease. Many people are to even aware of […]

Biological Causes of Depression

Depression can be explained in many ways. It has numerous causes and has even more number of effects on a person’s persona. One of the […]

Anxiety Depression Causes

Anxiety depression is one of the most suffered diseases in USA. There are many causes for Anxiety disorder. Anxiety is caused due to social stress, […]

Melancholic Depression and Causes

Melancholic depression is a sub type of depression. The patient goes through a psychotic episode suffering physical agitation, hopelessness, negative feelings etc. It is separated […]