6 Signs of Depression in Adolescence

Depression can either make a person stronger if they learn how to cope with it, or it can make them weaker and vulnerable. Depression in adolescence has always been a challenge for many teenagers, and considering the effects it can have on their present and future mental health it remains an important problem to be aware of and solve. Here are a few signs of depression in adolescence.

  • Withdrawal and Isolation

    Teenagers tend to withdraw and isolate themselves from others, especially their family, though, they are intimate with a few selected friends.

  • Changes in Weight

    Some teenagers also experience weight problems, either they tend to lose weight or gain weight. This could also be due to their hormones, or because of changes in eating habits which might have psychological reasons.

  • Sleeping Problems

    Feeling lethargic, or feeling mentally numb, and not wanting to either get out of their bed some teenagers force themselves into more sleep. However, they might also spend nights unable to or without sleep.

  • Feeling of Worthlessness and Guilt

    The most destructive of all symptoms is a feeling of worthlessness and guilt. This can also be accompanied with them becoming overly defensive or offensive, and resort to either isolating themselves or becoming violent.

  • Slow Reflexes and Fatigue

    They might also feel mentally lethargic, and will not react enthusiastically to anything. Their mental and physical reflexes will also tend to be slow, and usually complain of being fatigued or tired most of the time.

  • Feeling of Hopelessness

    They also feel hopeless and overwhelmed with challenges of life. The usual tasks that they need to perform seem unachievable and this can also lead to procrastination.

Keep an eye out for any of the above signs of depression in adolescence in any of your friends or family members, and act on it before it can become a full blown depression in them.

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