7 Mild Depression Symptoms You Should be Aware Of

Sometimes it’s impossible to realize what is happening in the mind when you are busy handling your life. Mild depression symptoms often go unnoticed just because of this reason, and are mostly mistaken for consequences of frustrations that need to be dealt with everyday. However, it is important to recognize the symptoms and be able to distinguish them from consequences of usual everyday problems, and treat it before it can worsen and lead to full depression. Here are a few mild depression symptoms that you should be aware of.

  • Easily Irritated and Frustrated

    A sure sign of depression, whether it is just a passing phase or a long term one, is difficulty in coming to terms with things that happen around you and inside you. This can result in irritability and frustration, and a feeling as if you are almost at the verge of losing control over your emotions.

  • Feeling Fatigued Most of the Time

    The symptoms of mild depression also have physical manifestations. When you are not exactly in a good mood, you tend to neglect your body and its impulses. Whether it is because of inactivity or psychological feeling of being weak, you will feel fatigued most of the time, as if you do not have the energy for or can not summon the energy to do something.

  • Disinterest in Activity

    The activities that you used to be interested in, might not seem as interesting as they used to be. Your will for being active or doing something seems to become low. You might also find yourself wanting to stay isolated and away from people who would require you to be active.

  • Guilt

    Guilt is seen in almost everyone suffering from depression. Guilt is usually accompanied with frustration, anger and hopelessness. This is because depression often leads to heightened sense of morality, responsibility, and sensitivity towards criticism and other comments. In some cases, it also has the tendency to become a vicious cycle, guilt leading to negativity towards oneself, which will cause negligence of one’s well-being, and again guilt for not being able to take care of things.

  • Decrease in Mental and Physical Abilities

    Another symptom of mild depression is that, some people also find themselves becoming slow and feeling numb in their mental and physical reflexes. There will be situations when the mind just doesn’t feel like being active, as if it doesn’t really matter whether you do or do not do it because the result or the process of going through action will not hold any novelty to excite response.

  • Inability to Maintain Routine

    The disinterest in taking up activity also disrupts your daily routines. You might also find yourself disinterested in daily chores or tasks that you need to take care of. This will only make matters worse as there will be additional stress on your life and can even increase depression.

  • Changes in Sleeping Patterns

    Another symptom of mild depression is changes in the way you sleep and rest. People in depression usually tend to either sleep too much or too less. They might stay in their bed, thinking and unable to sleep, or sleep at night, but, will not be able to wake up at usual times. It is also a common symptom to want to spend most of their time on the bed for hours.

When recognized in the beginning itself, these mild depression symptoms can be easily handled and taken care of without needing professional help. Practicing self-love and working on improving your self-esteem can bring significant improvement in your condition.

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