6 Steps to Cope with Depression in Adolescence

Adolescence is the time of life when a person experiences many life changing events and emotions, and which if not balanced properly will lead to psychological problems and even depression. Coping with depression in adolescence can be a little difficult when compared to childhood depression. This is because, an adolescent would have already formed his opinions, likes, dislikes, and personality that might contribute to the difficulty. But, however, in comparison with adult depression, a positive attitude can easily help overcome the problem. Here are a few steps that can help you cope with depression in adolescence

Depression in Adolescence

  • Do Not Act on Emotional Decisions

    When you are experiencing depressive bad moods, it sometimes might lead to deciding on making radical changes in your life or ideas of hurting yourself or someone else. When you are faced with such thoughts, resist the temptation in your mind that your decisions might be the right things to do. Remind yourself to wait for at least a few hours or a day, until your mind comes back to its normal moods.

  • Divide Your Tasks into Smaller Ones

    There will be situations when adolescent depression might lead you to feel overwhelmed with the thought of how many things you need to take care of. This can lead to procrastination, depression, and losing hope of your achieving what you want. So, instead, you can divide your tasks into smaller ones, and try achieving the ones that will take less time or are easier to accomplish. This will encourage your mind into activity and completion of further tasks, and give you a feeling of fulfillment and improves confidence.

  • Try to Avoid Stagnation

    You might feel like staying at one place, not feel like getting out of bed in the morning, or staying in your own room all day. But, remind yourself that this will only increase the negativity in your mind. If you do not want to stay among people, just go out, take a ride on your bike or a walk in a place that you like.

  • Get Physically Active

    The best way to beat depression during adolescence is by being active physically, as it can actually trigger release of hormones that will bring a very positive change in your mind. Take up a sport that you enjoy, or join dance classes and let yourself out. Being physically active will not only improve your mood and health, but, it can also make you feel much alive.

  • Participate in Group Activity

    Participate in activities that you are truly passionate about. Even if you do not feel interested in them anymore, just join a group or your friends with whom you can be yourself. Doing an activity that you are passionate about will help you stay in the present and enjoy the moment.

  • Be with Someone You Trust

    Though adolescents in depression tend to isolate themselves from others, even friends and family, most of them prefer being with people they like. But, always make sure you distinguish between people with whom you want to be with and people who genuinely want to be with you. This distinction is important because it will help you in choosing friends who can help you overcome depression, instead of encouraging you to be in it.

It can be very difficult to persevere or even to dare to have your hopes high during tough times. But, it is at these times that you need to stay patient with yourself and let the negative thoughts pass. Remember and try the above steps to cope with depression in adolescence, as this will also help decrease dependency on medication if you were prescribed any.

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