6 Ways to Deal with Depression at Workplace

Workplace is where it is important to stay ambitious, and reach set targets and expectations. Dealing with depression at workplace can be quite a challenge, considering all the pressure to perform, which in turn, if not done to one’s expectations, can itself lead to depression. It is not enough to try strategies that can help you come out of depression, but, it is also important to learn to trick your mind into coming out of it. Here are a few ways to deal with depression at workplace.

  • Be Present and Positive

    Whenever you find yourself drifting away into negative thoughts, pull yourself back to the present. Ignore whatever negative imaginations and thoughts your mind is giving you and push your mind into focusing on experiencing the present.

  • Practice Mindfulness and Awareness

    Another way of tackling workplace depression is to trick your mind into observation mode from the chain of thoughts. Increase the awareness of your body and mind towards your surroundings. Practice mindfulness of your surroundings and your thoughts. This will help you stay in the present and enjoy the moment.

  • Enjoy Spontaneity

    Instead of worrying about your performance, your pending work, or other things, enjoy being spontaneous. Do whatever work comes to your hand at that moment itself. This will prevent you from piling up your work, and will help you stay in the present and away from negative thinking.

  • Divide and Conquer

    Whenever you feel overwhelmed with the tasks you need to perform and your mind starts to sink into depressive mode of helplessness, just take a deep breath and stop for a moment. Divide your work into smaller and simpler tasks, and work on them one by one. You can also try doing the easiest tasks first, so that your mind warms up to work, instead of making you feel overwhelmed.

  • Do Not Compare Yourself with Others

    A contributing factor to workplace depression and one of the biggest problems in the world of competition is, having to be in constant comparison with others in the field. This can be quite problematic when depression is involved, as there are issues such as low self-esteem and a feeling of being undeserving come into play. When this happens, remind yourself that it is not about being as good as somebody else, but, it is about being yourself.

  • Take a Walk Around the Office

    If you are having depressing negative thoughts about yourself, just get up and take a small walk for a few minutes around the office. Smile, greet, and talk to people here and there. This will freshen up your mind and bring a new resolve to work out your problems.

It can be very difficult to break negative thinking and depressive thoughts most of the time, considering how intoxicating sadness and depression can be sometimes. But, every time you experience depression at workplace, always remind yourself that living in the moment can be a beautiful experience and that you just have to push yourself into it.

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