What are the Symptoms of Depression in Men?

Depression in men is more difficult to point out than in women, as most men find it inappropriate to express or accept such feelings, considering them a sign of weakness. Though there are specific symptoms of depression in men, most of the symptoms are similar to those in women, elders, or children with depression. Recognizing the symptoms is important to be able to identify the condition and to work on coping with it. Here are the symptoms of depression in men.
Symptoms of Depression in Men

  • Persistent Negative Feelings

    Persistent negative feelings such as feelings of sadness, low self-esteem, feeling undesirable, and feeling they are incapable of competing or achieving their goals, are the common symptoms seen in men.

  • Withdrawal

    They might also be seen uninterested in social interaction, being with family or friends, and usually prefer being alone or by themselves avoiding communication and fun with others. They also lose interest in activities and things that were once of interest to them.

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse

    Another symptom more commonly seen in men than in women is excessive alcohol consumption and substance abuse in order to avoid facing their inner negative feelings.

  • Escapism

    They tend to escape situations that involve communicating or doing tasks in which they might not feel capable of succeeding. They tend to find excuses, staying at work for long periods of time, or involving in activities that will temporarily put these feelings out of their mind such as sports or internet addiction.

  • Anger and Unhealthy Behavior

    They tend to get easily irritated, angered, and frustrated. They also indulge in violent and abusive behavior, and trying to control others or bullying. Indulging in reckless activities, infidelity and unhealthy sexual relationships.

  • Physical Symptoms

    Tiredness, fatigue, disinterest in their physical appearance, digestion problems, headaches, and vague physical discomfort are some of the physical symptoms.

If you find yourself suffering from any of the symptoms above and are finding it difficult to deal with them, consult a counselor or psychologist. When the symptoms of depression in men are identified and accepted, it becomes easy to treat them.

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