5 Steps to Deal with Depression in Teenagers

Depression can be defined as a state of mood characterized by a feeling of sadness and disinterest in mental or physical activity, accompanied by negative thinking. Depression in teenagers has always been a very prevalent problem, considering the things and changes they go through during adolescence. Dealing with this problem needs awareness and knowledge about how their mind works and thinks. Here are some important steps you should remember while dealing with depression in teenagers.

  • Do Not Invalidate Their Feelings

    Always remember that their feelings are as serious to them as yours are to you. Instead of confronting their feelings and telling them outright that what they were thinking was wrong, encourage them to search for alternate solutions to their problem and solving them rather than pondering over them for long time.

  • Let Them Know You are There for Them

    It can be frustrating to deal with teenagers’ depression, especially, with those who are stubborn and not willing to change their ways. But, giving up on them will only make things worse. If they refuse to take advice from or follow what you say, just let them know that you are there for them no matter what, and that they can always seek help from you.

  • Give Them Their Space

    Needing privacy is part of growing up. Teenagers sometimes need their time and space to work things out on their own without the pressure and expectations of their parents or adults. Do not push them for change, give them the space they need to understand and make out what they could of their situation and problems.

  • Always be Empathetic

    Deal with your teenagers with empathy. Remember that the way they see the world is different from how you see it. You can even relate to your adolescence, and explain them how things will get better as time passes. Encourage them to trust themselves.

  • Encourage Rational Solutions

    Teenagers usually end up with worst conclusions and fears when they are uninformed. Encourage them to improve awareness of the things that are important to them, such as, information on mental and physical health and well-being or any other information relevant to their disposition. This helps them ignore irrational fears and work on their problems in a productive way.

Always keep in mind not to expect change overnight. Things will take time to resolve, and it is important to stay patient during this process. Dealing with depression in teenagers is not an easy task, and if you feel the need, encourage them to seek professional help, without making it look as if something is seriously wrong with them.

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