Teaching students with Depression

A teacher has to come across different types of students. One of the most difficult students to deal with are the ones who are depressed. Depression is a mental disorder which will disturb the thinking pattern of the person. In children depression can affect them to an extent of they becoming introverts. Dealing with these students becomes very difficult for the teachers as they don’t participate in the class nor do they show any interest in the class. This will cause a void in the class and can also be a negative influence on the other students. There are a few aspects the teacher has to be aware of before dealing such students.

Important points of teaching a depressed student

Teaching students with depression is one of the tough task teachers sometimes encounter. To teach this kind of students it is always good to know their past. The following points will help in you understanding the important aspects of teaching a student with depression.

  • First and foremost, open up as a friend to the child. Slowly try to know the problems the student is facing.
  • Support the student in all possible ways and comfort the student. This will make the student more composed and helps him to calm down in class.
  • Communicate with the students parents and try to get a better understanding about the child’s behavior. This will help you deal with the student easily.
  • Make the student sit in the first bench. In the last bench there is generally no importance given and at the same time the student may also feel sleepy.
  • Sometimes mentally challenging task will help the student to exercise his brain and then bring out productive results from him. Most of the depressed students have a problem staying awake in the middle of the day. By giving them something challenging it will keep them active.
  • Give them more cushion in the class. For example give them more time to complete there assignments. This will make them get more time and also the student will have the satisfaction of achieving something.
  • Give them notes and other materials for the days where they missed the days. With will encourage the student in coming to the school.

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