Student Depression

Wonder why your child is under performing in his/her studies? Why your child cannot socialize easily? Well the answer for these questions are right here. The reason some of the young kids cannot perform well or socialize is because they are not well built in their head. There is a possibility of your child suffering from mental illness or depression. Most of the younger generation nowadays do not have any kind of awareness to things which are happening around them. They are pressurized to perform in their academic career so much that their little contact with the general interest and hobbies are completely cut off. This will play a major role in they getting depressed often. The article gives a brief introduction to the factors which leads them to depression.

Causes of depression in Students

When a teenager is in his studying age or when he is attending college, the pressure on him much more when compared to the pressure an employee of a company has. The academic competition is so much that the child hardly has time to pursue his personal interests. The following factors are some of the common factors which cause depression in students.

Lack of control –

At the rate at which students are increasing, one finds it hard to calculate how the competition is going to increase accordingly. Most often than not students are forced to take a particular course. Even without their consent, parents admit them in college or a university. This will create a lot of confusion in the student and ultimately result in chaotic nature of the student. This will in turn make the student depressive.

Becoming perfect –

Which ever field they choose, the students are pushed towards perfection. When a student is not as bright as an above average child this will become a big hurdle for that student. There may come a point where the student succumbs to the pressure and ends up having depressive thoughts. This will also hurt his self confidence and will get a feeling of hopelessness.

Lifestyle –

The kind of lifestyle the student has is very important at the time of studying. If the student is not provided with the right kind of facilities it will not motivate them and in the process create a repulsive nature to studying. Also when we consider the kind of routines the child has, one can see the typical depression case. There is lack of sleep, untimely diet, no exercise and pressure. If the student goes for alcohol or drugs than that would just be the toppings needed for the student to go into depression.

Peer pressure –

For students who live in hostels and dorms, it is very difficult. They are away from the family and lack support. Family support in student’s life is very important. When there is not enough support the student might feel isolated and there might be high chances of the student going for drugs to suppress these feelings.

Chronic stress –

Considering all the above points one can estimate how tough for the students it has become in the present day world. At the age of studying, the student is hardly an adult and he/she has to live a life of an adult. All this is to fit in the highly competitive world. One also has to understand the psychological effect on the child during this phase. This kind of chronic stress will only make him more depressed.

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