Kindling Depression

Depression is a common problem which many in the world are facing. There are many causes for getting depressed. In the present world where stress is unavoidable, there are high chances of a person getting depressed. That is why people are suggested to do many recreational and peace attaining exercise. Depression is a very dangerous mental illness which sometimes is suffered for a life time and yet you cannot realize it. It is not clear how stress leads to depression. Whereas stress is a very physical aspect and depression is initiated by mental disturbance. With recent study a theory describing the relation was suggested. In cases of chronic depression there is a pattern in which depression effects a person. After the first episode the person experiences, there is high possibility of the person suffering a second episode. This pattern is termed as “Kindling effect.”

Kindling Effect definition:

The first episode might be caused due to extreme stress or trauma, after the first episode the chances of the second episode is possible. Due to the second episode the person can be prone to the third episode. This chain continues. This shows the epileptic pattern of the episodes. This is known as kindling effect.

Kindling Effect:

Initially, kindling effect was a treatment in seizure disorders. In seizure disorders the chances of getting a second seizure after the first one is very possible. This is because after the first seizure the threshold of the person is lowered and this gives way to the second seizure. Therefore starting a chain of seizures. The same concept was applied in different types of depression. In case of Bipolar disorder this pattern is observed a lot.

For any person to get into depression it is very difficult. As the mental psyche is always on the alert, factors which cause depression should be very strong for them to break the threshold of the mind to get the person depressed. This might cause the first episode of depression. In some cases even the second episode may need the same kind of adverse effect to make the person depressed. But after the initial episodes, for the third or the subsequent episodes do not need the kind of push for the mind to get depressed. This proves that if once the depression is kindled than it doesn’t need so much of force to make the person get depressed. This very concept is known as Kindling effect. This effect is further explained by the biological factors. The first episode triggers the brain and the limbic system and this triggering will make the brain prone to depressive aspects. This leads to the person getting depressed often. It can be clearly understood by the kindling wood concept. The kindling wood gives the spark to the camp fire and the other woods catch fire.

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