Feelings of Hopelessness and Depression

Any stressful incident is very hard for anyone to get over. A traumatic incident can make you go through a lot of pain physically and mentally. There are very high possibilities of the person going through a depressed phase after a traumatic incident. There are other factors also which affect the person in this kind of situations. One of the most experienced feeling is the feeling of hopelessness. When the person feels very lonely he tends to develop a negative approach and feel nothing is going their way. This will play a major role in altering their perception. The constant feeling of the person feeling helpless and hopeless gives rise to more severe depression symptoms.

How does it feel to be hopeless?

Have you ever got cornered in a situation? Did you ever experience how it is to feel lonely even when in the middle of the crowd and yet no one to speak? This is the feeling of hopelessness. When nothing goes your way, you tend to lose your will. You are drained out of your power. You feel anything you do will not work and therefore you prefer to stay putt. This will only aggravate your problem but it will not solve. Hopelessness is like a virus. The more you feed it the more it will grow in you. When you turn back and fight on it then it will stop haunting you. There are many reason for someone to feel hopeless. Sometimes even positive events can be a reason for someone to feel hopeless. For instance when moving to a new city may put you under lot of stress. This will also affect your daily routine and in turn make you feel repulsive to the city. The feeling of hopelessness and depression are two very similar things. You fell very low and think that the world has turned its back on you. There are many statistics which point out that most of the people who committed suicide suffered a feeling and of hopelessness and depression. In hopeless state the person starts to think that death is the only relief they can get from this feeling.

How to get over the feeling of hopelessness?

The only way to avoid feeling hopeless is to fight against it. This will help you get over hopelessness 9 out of 10 times. Think in a positive way. When you try to develop a positive intent then there is a very high possibility of you improving your efficiency. Always tell yourself that there is something positive even in the biggest failure. This will help you to learn more and you seldom get disappointed. For those who are a relative or friends of a person who is feeling hopeless in depression, you need to encourage him in whatever he does. This will make them feel they are on the right path and start putting more effort in their work. In chronic cases one can go for Cognitive and Behavioral therapy. This therapy deals with the problem of hopelessness directly and is very efficient in solving this problem.

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