Biological Explanations of Depression

The most common mental illness which can encounter is depression. In the world where terms like stress, trauma, pressure are commonly used it is very possible for any person to get depressed. Depression is explained as the state of mind where there is no spark of positive intent. This is precisely why people in depression cannot see what is positive to a normal person. Depression doesn’t allow one to think positively. It fills your mind with all the negative feelings and negative emotions. This if not treated can have fatal effects. But what causes this kind of depression? Is it only the stress and strain that causes depression? For those of you who are naive to depression, there are a lot more causes for depression. Apart from the environmental factors there is a biological explanation to what depression is.

Biological aspects of body

Depression is a mental illness. Now any mental illness can be connected to the brain by default. Brain is the control house of the body. Everything including our dreams are controlled by the brain. Similarly even our emotions are controlled by the brain. The brain has a particular mechanism of working. It is divided into 2 main parts – Limbic system and hypothalamus. Limbic system takes care of the activities of the body. The hypothalamus take control of the internal functioning of the body. The hormonal discharge and other such activities are controlled by the hypothalamus. These factors all play a major role in the proper functioning of the body. Any of these organs don’t function properly then the possibility of the body suffering is high.

Biological factors which cause depression

The role of each biological factor in depression is explained in the following points.

Limbic system –

limbic system is considered to be one of the main parts of the brain. The external actions which the body has to do are decided by the limbic system. The reaction system of the body is controlled by the limbic system. This system regulates activities like emotions, sexual drives and physical drives. When this system malfunctions then there is a lack or excess of these activities. Which leads to the abnormal functioning of the body. This will lead to clinical depression. On further prolonging of this abnormality, the person can be affected by major depression.

Hypothalamus –

Hypothalamus is a small structure of limbic system and is responsible for the internal activities of the body. The hormonal discharge and the growth of organs are monitored by the hypothalamus. When the hormones are not discharged in proper proportions then there is a possibility of the person having varied perceptions and feels either eccentric or dull. This is a major cause of bipolar disorder.

Neurotransmitter and Neurons –

Neurotransmitters are the chemicals which take the signals from the limbic system and transmit it to the receptors. The functioning of the neurotransmitters is unique and it is also very fast. The speed at which the signals are transmitted in the body is 1/5000th of a second. These neurotransmitters travel via neurons. Neurons are all placed in a pattern. When these neurotransmitters are not produced properly or there is an imbalance of these chemicals then there is a lot of chaos in the system and this will lead to depression. Clinical depression is most caused depression due to this kind of problem.

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