Depression Environment

Depression is a completely acquired from an external factor alone. Though there are genetic factors which cause depression, even for such depression which are caused genetically, there should be some kind of external triggering which causes the depressive symptoms. If a person is living in a depression environment then the chances of the person getting depressed is very high. Environment plays a very important role for a person to be mentally healthy. If there are bad influences in the environment then the mind is going to get attracted to those factors which will later cause a very negative effect on the psych of the person.

Environment causes of depression

There are many causes which fall under environment causes of depression. The major factors which are involved in these causes are stress, trauma etc. The following causes are the major environmental causes of depression.

Stress –

Stress is considered to be the indirect cause of depression. The relation between depression and stress is very complicated. Constant pressure or long term stress causes depression. When you are living in a stressful environment, the mind cannot take it after sometime. At this saturation level the mind starts to deal with the stress and in turn it will show symptoms of depression. Stress can only trigger the genetic tendency of depression. When the person is going through a stressful life the person, then if the person has a natural tendency of getting depressed that will be triggered. This will cause depression. That is why stress is indirectly related to depression.

Trauma –

Generally, people get depressed after going through a traumatic incident. Depression caused due to trauma are mostly clinical depression. Painful experiences are often very hard to forget. This is because the person who experienced pain tries to relate everything to that particular incident. This way he keeps reminding the pain to himself and gets depressed. Traumatic incidents are so dangerous that even when a person is recovering from depression, one instance of the incident will make the person get back all his depressive symptoms.

Childhood –

Clinically depressed patients often have a very severe childhood history. Due to the rough childhood, the person will develop a tendency of being depressed at the smallest of things. The relation which couldn’t be understood by many psychologists is how a difficult childhood can affect the person after he becomes an adult. The theories which developed regarding this disease is that the child might not have emotional development. Separation from parents, or the parents neglecting the child, child abuse all account to environmental causes of depression.

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  1. I am looking for information concerning the affects of living with a clinical depressive spouse. Can living with someone who is always in a depressed state affect and/or cause the spouse to feel depressed? What are some things I can do to help “me”? When living with a depressed spouse, everything is about them; how best can I take care of myself not to fall into my spouse’s depression?

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