Depression and Trauma

Depression and trauma are related with each other in close proximity. Any traumatic incident experienced by a person can always haunt him at any given point in his life. Traumas are caused due to any unpleasant incident which involves the person. It can be a near death experience where someone beside you died or child abuse etc. Mostly people who have an early trauma in life face the problem of coping with it. Because in childhood the things which one experiences most often than not stick to him. Not that traumas later in life are easier to handle, even they have a similar or worse effect. Due to the repeated recollection of this trauma will lead a person to distaste himself or herself and slowly lead themselves into depression.

What is Trauma?

Have you ever seen a kid being bitten by a dog and later all his life the kid is scared of dogs? Well this is a classic case of trauma. The incident where the dog bites him makes such a huge effect on his mind that later in his life he feels all the dogs are going to bite him and he develops a phobia towards dogs. In some cases this phobia is developed towards all the things which have got sharp teeth. Any one particular characteristic of the trauma makes a huge impact on his brain after which he starts to relate all the things with that particular characteristic. In case of depression, trauma falls under environmental causes of depression. Most of the people who are depressed have a recent traumatic experience. Incidents which are painful to them make them numb mentally and slowly develop depressive symptoms. One has to understand that depression and trauma are a mind body activity. It is natural to feel bad or feel low after a traumatic incident. Naturally the effect of the incident is so hard on your mind that one cannot avoid it.

How does trauma cause depression?

Like mentioned before, depression and trauma are mind-body activity. When the mind is not properly tuned, it is obvious that the body doesn’t work properly. This is due to the inefficient working of the brain. The mind has developed a system to face such problems which are unavoidable in life. The mind when it experiences these kind of traumatic incidents, it tends to stress the brain a lot and there comes a point where all the energy is diverted to deal with this trauma. This period the person is considerable slow and feels very weak. This way the mind slowly helps itself to deal with the effects of the trauma and kills it. The person who is in the phase of trauma, he/she starts to hate himself/herself and try to disown themselves. They try not to relate with this incident, which will in turn make them think all possible ways of not being themselves. Therefore it is understood that there is no way of avoiding this feeling. What one can avoid is the drastic effects of the traumatic incident. Do not let yourself get depressed. This can be done by telling yourself that this is just a phase and tomorrow is going to be normal. The more you keep saying that to yourself the faster you come out of the trauma.

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