Depression and Stress

Depression is mostly the outcome of a stressful event. In today’s life there are many reasons because of which one can develop stress. Work pressure, family tension, financial trouble, divorce and the list goes on. These kind of events are often very disturbing to the person and develop negative thoughts in them. Symptoms like low self confidence, low self esteem and helplessness are seen in these situations. There is no other way to deal with stress but to face it. There are so many factors involved that it is way to complex for one to solve it. The best is to face it and then try to cope up with it. When the stress levels go out of control, that is when the person is prone to depression.

Relation of depression and stress

Depression and stress have a very complicated relation. How exactly stress leads to depression is an aspect of research. It is still not clear if its the stressful event that causes depression or there is another aspect which triggers the depressive nature in the person. After conducting many researches, it is found that the same kind of stress cannot cause depression in two people. The level of stress which can be handled by a person varies from person to person. This is due to the brain chemistry and the person’s functioning. Almost every individual has to go through stressful times where everyone is tested. But not all the cases are diagnosed with depression. This is a proof for stress alone is not the cause for depression. Some people who are depressed are not at all stressed and in fact everything is going well for them. Still they are depressed and have major depressive symptoms. This shows that stress is not as much involved as people presume it to be.

How does stress cause depression?

Stress cannot be ruled out of the causes of depression. Stress is one of the major aspects of depression. The exact reason for depression to be caused may not be stress directly but indirectly it has an effect. When someone gets depressed, it can be observed that it is due to a traumatic incident or due to high stress. Here stress is only a triggering aspect of depression. The actual depression is caused either due to genetic susceptibility to depression or psychological causes. The combination of the stressful event and the actual cause makes the person depressed. Depression and stress are therefore very complicatedly related. In some cases, where the person is having constant stress where he is being stressed for a long time, then the possibility of the person becoming depressed is high. Stress makes your brain weak and less efficient. In such time one negative thought is enough for it to grow big and cause depression. A theory called “learned helplessness” states that, in a stressful period the person learns how to be helpless. This theory is the best example for depression and stress relations. Therefore when in stressed times always make sure that you are able to do something constructive and beneficial to you. This will help you avoid depression.

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