Guided Imagery Relaxation Exercises for Children

Imagination is considered to be the greatest gift given to the mankind. It is the sole reason for the human species to evolve into an intelligent species. Without imagination it is practically impossible to know the unknown. Humans are in such a state that we are able to use the same imagination to cure ourselves from diseases, relieve stress and many more things. Children are said to have the strongest imagination. They are young and inexperienced which allows their imagination to run wild. With the kind of mental energy the mind can generate, children have all the necessary aspects to make best out of imagination.

Children’s Imagination

We can observe that children come up with the weirdest and most unbelieving ideas. This is only because they do not limit their imagination. The power of imagination is such that if it is tuned properly it can practically do anything you want it to do. The psychological boost which you can get through imagination is unbelievable. But in the present day world there is lot of pressure and stress which is being built upon children. Be it academics or sports, children are unnecessarily pressurized. To tackle this stress guided imagery relaxation exercises for children is designed. In this technique the boy/girl is asked to imagine the best location or favorite ice cream or such things. By doing this they will feel relaxed and improve in their respective fields.

Guided Imagery Relaxation for Children

There are very few ways of actually relaxing your child. By buy their favorite ice cream or toy will only subdue them on a temporary basis. For a long term effect for your child to be relaxed and composed you have to do something much more than that. For instance, by making them practice a particular type of exercises they will have a source to vent out their stress. Guided imagery relaxation exercises for children is the best way of doing it. This pattern of exercises is very easy to follow and at the same time is very effective on your child.

How to do the exercise?

There are only three simple steps that are to be followed. The exercises is completely dependent on imagining positive thoughts. By doing so the mind is relaxed and also encouraged in doing the right act. This will also develop the concentration and focus of the child.

  • Ask your child to close his/her eyes and lie on his/her back.
  • Make them imagine nice calm locations or positive things. It can be a circus, a playground or even a beach or he/she is achieving something in their life, something like winning a baseball match or winning a running race.
  • Ask them to tell how they are feeling or ask them to feel what is around them and describe what ever they are feeling.

This exercise will bring a sense of achievement and boost them to fight for that feeling. The elation or excitement they feel when they are in the visualization is very attractive for them. This exercise will encourage them to achieve that feeling and also relax.

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