Guided Imagery Relaxation Exercises

Many of the present days employees and workers are pressurized and are put under lot of stress. To deal with this kind of stress there are many types of techniques which people use. Yoga has been a predominantly common exercise which people even in the western countries are using. There are another set of exercises which is less physical and help you in improving your thinking procedure as well as your physical aspects. Guided Imagery relaxation exercises are the new trend of exercises which helped many in dealing with stress and also diseases like depression. A brief introduction of what exactly this exercises do to you.


Imagination is one of the most powerful tool human species is equipped with. Imagination is the root of all creative, constructive and relaxing thoughts. The important aspect is to imagine positive thoughts and concentrating on them. The techniques involves many more functions and steps but the basic principle is positive imagination. Imagery has the potential to cure many ailments humans are suffering. It is deeply connected with the mind. Mind has a significant effect on your body when it is tuned in the right way. There are negative imagery too, but it all depends on how well you avoid the negative imagery and build on your positive imagery.

Functioning of Imagery

One can observe that in our day to day life we relate everything we hear or say with an image. This is the basic functioning of the mind too. Imagery is the language used by our mind. What ever we say or hear is related with an image by which we can understand and act accordingly to the thought. This way the mind communicates with the body. Ever observed your friend describes about a delicious dish and your mouth starts to water. This is exactly how it is done. The mind starts to relate every thing your friend says to an image and triggers other senses such as sounds, smell or tastes. Depending on the images that are generated, your mind selects the combination of senses which can aptly give you the realistic experience.

Guided Imagery Relaxation

This principle of imagery is used in several fields. The latest trend is using this process to relieve you from stress and strain. After lot of study a particular pattern of exercises are designed where your body relaxes and also makes you psychologically strong. These set of exercises are known as Guided Imagery relaxation exercises. There are simple goals in these kind of exercises. The person following this exercise should have a visualization of any peaceful location. Once this setting is fixed in his head then the person should follow the steps given below.

  • Close your eyes and sleep on your back.
  • Imagine any location which gives you peace. That location can be anything. It can be a beach or a hill station or even a lonely bed room. Visualizing something which is close to nature will be more relaxing.
  • Once you have set yourself in that location, start to see around and feel the place. Try smelling the flowers and hear the sound of the waves or feel the water. Enjoy each and every bit of the surroundings you have.
  • Continue the practice everyday. As you keep doing this more it will be easier for you to get into the setting and eventually will help you in going top sleep.

This technique is used in many disorders. People suffering from sleep disorder can use the guided imagery relaxation exercises to curb the symptoms.

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