Depression and Suicide Statistics

Depression is presently one of the most suffered disease across the globe. There are many depression cases which are being registered in the hospitals and rehabilitation centers. The worst part is there are still many cases which are not even diagnosed. Due to the ignorance of how the most minor things can cause depression is making people pass by the symptoms. Almost everyone in the world gets depressed at least 5 times in his life time. In the recent survey which was conducted showed that approximately 20 million citizens of USA are suffering from depression.

Suicides due to Depression

Depression can kill someones consciousness. It has a very major damage to the person if he/she doesn’t go for a proper treatment. This is all because people are not aware of the symptoms of depression. Depression is a very underrated disease which is taken for granted by many people. The statistics are shocking if you have a look at them. The effects of depression are fatal if you do not take proper care. Here is a statistics of how many suicides are due to depression.

  • 15% of the clinical depression cases die due to suicide.
  • More than 33% of the total suicides are due to depression. Majority of the suicide attempts is due to distress and pressure.
  • In 2005, 1.4% of all the deaths across the world were due to suicide.
  • Almost all the suicide cases have some kind of mental disorder or are suffering from depression.
  • Four times more men die because of suicide than women. But women attempt suicide twice as often as men.
  • Over the last decade, suicide in young people has increased drastically.
  • For every 25 suicide attempts 8 people die. This is due to the lack of care taken to the people having suicidal tendencies.
  • Patients who are treated for depression have suicide risk of only 2%.

Depression is a completely curable disease. It is because most of the depression patients are not getting proper treatment the suicide rates are increasing. If a person is having suicidal tendencies then he/she should never be left alone. Never underestimate depression. If not taken care properly it is very fatal.

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