Depression and Brain

Depression is a disease where your emotions are completely not in your control. People suffering from clinical depression is known to have some sort of brain disorder. When the brain stops functioning properly there is lot of chaos in the body. The psychological part of the body is in controlled properly. This leads to various other disorders which the body previously didn’t have. Depression and brain are very closely related. The cause of depression is connected to the brain itself. The brain is considered as the control head of the body. The improper functioning of brain falls under the biological causes of depression.

How does Brain function in Depression?

Everyone knows that the brain is the command center of the human body. Brain controls and regulate emotions, feelings, physical and sexual drive. Our thoughts are all generated in the brain. When the brain is not controlled properly there are high chances of the person going into depression. The brain mainly has two important functions. One is to trigger an action and the second is to help the body adjust to the environment.

Limbic System –

Limbic system is the main area of the brain which is responsible for controlling the emotions and feelings of the body. It also regulates activities of the body, sexual drive and the stress response. It also controls the functioning of the neurotransmitters. This part of the brain is so important that any disturbance in this system will cause drastic changes in the behavior and mood of the person.

Neurotransmitters –

These are chemical which carry messages from the brain to the receptors. They carry action messages. They help in triggering the necessary reaction the body has to give for a particular action. Some of the neurotransmitter that are identified are serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. When these chemicals are imbalanced in the Limbic system then there is a great deal of miscommunication in the body organs. This will make the functioning of the body much slower. This will lead to mood disorder and behavioral changes. The relation between neurotransmitters and clinical depression is very clear to psychiatrists. The question that is still not answered properly is the relationship of neurotransmitters and depression.

Hormones –

Hormones of the body belong to the endocrine system. They control the body internally. Hormones are responsible for the growth of organs and manipulation of the body to the external environment. Similar to the neurotransmitters concept, when the level of hormones is disturbed then the body starts to lag in its functioning. As the endocrine system is connected to the brain, depending on the brain chemistry the endocrine system functions. The cause of clinical depression can be associated with the disorders present in the organs. The various disorders which are related with organs are thyroid disorder, Addison’s disease and Cushing’s syndrome.

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