What is Depression like?

Have you ever thought that you can be suffering one of the most dangerous psychological disease even without you knowing you are going through it. Yes! It can be possible. Depression is one such disease which can affect without you realizing it. There are many diseases that a person can be prone. But these disease have their own unique symptoms and are comparatively easier to find out. Depression is a psychological disease that can affect anybody. Depression does not have limitations. Even a teenager or a child can suffer depression. There are many other aspects of depression which one has to understand so that they can identify depression easily.

What happens when in depression?

Depression is partly psychological and partly physical illness. It initially effects you psychologically and later it takes over your physical aspects. The causes for depression are many. It can be triggered due to any factor personal, social, work stress etc. One should be aware of what is happening in his/her daily life and see to it that he/she is not affected by it. There are many things which you are going to observe when in depression mostly negative. The actual picture will be completely different to what you are perceiving. That’s precisely what depression does to you. It makes you look at things in a very negative way.

The following points can be observed when you are in depression.

  • The mood is low and you think it is good that way.
  • You don’t seem to be hopeful or happy for anything.
  • Time passes very slowly and the days are longer.
  • You don’t look interested in any kind of conversation.
  • Suddenly you look at yourself as an incapable person.
  • Concentrating is an alien feeling for you. Focus and concentration are two most difficult things which you can do when you are in depression.
  • Another dreadful feeling is anxiety. There is a constant fear which is stuffed inside you.

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