Social Causes of Depression

Commonly faced problem by many civilians around the globe is depression. Depression is a very under rated disease. Many people are to even aware of how many different types of depression are there. A person on an average is prone to at least 3 kinds of depression. Irrespective of what designation you carry or what job you do, you are prone to depression. The most heartening fact is even teenagers and children are prone to depression. Depression is can be caused due to many factors. One of the primary factors is genetic reasons. Another being the psychological. But one very important factor is the social factor. The social causes of depression are many and can be found in day to day life too. This article concentrates on the social causes of the depression.

Causes of Depression in Social life

There are many social factors which disturb us in our day to day life. Minor things like an irritating neighbor, our daily work not going according to plan or work tensions or most common relational problems. Check out the following factors and see if you can relate with any of the following.

Family –

The onset of depression is mostly caused in the family it self. The regular quarrels at home make you leave the house with a very negative mind set and this may in turn disturb your days works. It is very important to have a healthy environment at home. The lack of proper affection from family can be very disturbing. One can observe that families which have very good understanding among the family members have high efficiency rate in their work. This is because of the positive mind set which they get due to the environment which is at home. It is very important for parents to be active and have a positive influence on their children. If the depressive nature is carried forward to the next generation then the chances of a family member suffering from depression are high.

Socialization –

The other aspect of daily life is social life. When a person is not having a proper social life then the person is prone to have negative mind set about themselves and there are chances of the person developing identity crisis. Environment at home is directly linked to the kind of behavior the person has out of the house. If the person is not having a proper family, then the effects are seen in the person’s social life and vice-verse. If one is not good in dealing their mood or stress in social gatherings then mood disorder is possible.

Gender –

Gender has played an important role in most of the psychological aspects of humans since a long time. The discrimination of weaker gender is something very natural to the humans. Women are generally prone to depression more then men. This is due to the prolonged stress and pressure which has been forced on women. In the present day, where women are more independent the tables turned towards men. Due to tough competition from women, men are prone to depression. Their chauvinistic nature is getting hurt in the whole process and hence leading to depressive nature.

Work Pressure –

Most common cause for depression. Due to inefficiency at work many go into depression. The work stress and pressure becomes a little too much for some people and this will lead to depression. Depression is directly related to pressure on the brain. This can also be considered in the case of teenagers where they are expected to improve their performance. In today’s world academics have become very demanding and this is leading to unnecessary pressure on the children.

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