Biological Causes of Depression

Depression can be explained in many ways. It has numerous causes and has even more number of effects on a person’s persona. One of the main effects being the psychological effect. The major cause for depression is the psychological and environmental factors. Due to these factors there is lot of pressure and stress on the brain which eventually succumbs to the stress. After many researches scientist found out that there is another major cause for depression. These are the biological causes of depression. The depression is also caused due to the biological factors which are responsible for the functioning of the brain in a proper way.

Biological Aspects

One should have a proper understanding of what exactly biological aspects of the brain are. The brain is dependent on two of the most important substances. They are neurotransmitters and hormones. Hormones are responsible for the proper growth and adjustment of the body to the surrounding environment. It deals with internal and external aspects of the body. On the other hand, neurotransmitters are the endogenous chemicals which are responsible for carrying the signals to the receptors. These signals carry commands which will in turn give rise to some action or emotion. This is the proper functioning of the brain. Without this process happening constantly there is no way the body will work efficiently. The minor imbalance of this cycle will cause drastic effects on the body of the brain.

What causes depression?

In the above paragraph we have understood how the biological aspects work. Depression is directly related to this aspects of the brain. The changes in the chemistry of the brain is one of the main reasons for triggering something like depression. The major factor is the variations in the levels of important hormones and imbalance of neurotransmitters affect the functioning of the brain. Due to this the person might be prone to depression. Serotonin and norepinephrine are two major chemicals which balance the emotions of the human. When there is a reduced secretion of these chemicals then there is a very high possibility of the person getting depressed.

Genetic factor also comes under the biological causes of depression. If the person is having a family background of depression cases then the person is also prone to depression and there are very high chances of the person and his next generation being vulnerable to depression. If either of the parents has depression then it is very much possible for the child to be vulnerable to depression.

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