Depression at night

Depression is a condition where the person suffering from it has many mental disorders. The factors which cause depression are spread in various fields. There are many difficulties which the patients have to face when they are depressed. 8 out of 10 patients suffering from depression tend to worsen their symptoms during night. They tend to get negative thoughts and don’t have proper sleep. The person worries about every minor thing. Mostly this is due to the body not working. During the day all these thoughts won’t arise as they are preoccupied with other activities. Depression at night is generally more intense than it is in the morning.

What happens at night?

Everyone knows that the brain stops working( not literally) at night and takes rest. During this time, the body is not in control of your brain hence does not have enough energy to do any activity. In depressed patients, when they go to sleep they do not sleep immediately. They waste lot of time in trying to sleep but the body does not allow to take rest. The contradiction between the brain and the body causes lot of internal discomfort. At the same time, one tends to put oneself to sleep by thinking random issues. As it is known, in depression there are not many positive thoughts that come. The tiniest negative thought is amplified and fear starts to take over the person. Due to this reason, patients of depression have severe symptoms at night more than the day.

Things one does in night

Lets see if you match any of the following. When someone is in depression, their night routine completely changes and they have some common activities that they do in the night. These are the most common activities done by patients during depression at night.

  • Adjusting your pillow for a long time.
  • Trying to browse the Internet.
  • Watching TV till morning.
  • Going for walks while smoking.
  • Lying in hot tub.
  • Waking at 4 in the morning only to know you have 4 more hours to sleep.

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