Anxiety Depression Treatments

One of the most common depression types which is suffered by majority of the American population is Anxiety depression. Anxiety depression is a mental illness in which the patient suffers from extreme fear and anxious nature. Fear and anxiety are two adaptable factors. There are many treatments which are designed to cure this kind of depression. Anxiety depression treatments are described in this article briefly.

Treatments for Anxiety depression

The following treatments are some of the most used treatments to treat anxiety depression. Most of the depression treatments are categorized into 2 groups – psychotherapy and medication.

Psychotherapy –

In the initial stages of anxiety depression, proper counseling should do the trick to treat anxiety depression. In many cases, when the patient confronts his fears they tend to cope up with the depressive nature. There are some tested and proven therapies which do good for these kind of patients. Most commonly used psychotherapy is Convulsive behavioral therapy. This treatment controls and changes the thinking and behavioral pattern of the patient. It channelizes the patient in thinking positively. Another therapy is electro convulsive therapy. This treatment had to face many controversies before it was actually proved harmless. It gives short bursts of electric shock to the patient so that the patient is controlled. This therapy is often used as the last resort in chronic cases.

Medication –

For intense cases, where the patient is not able to cope up with normal psychotherapy then medication is prescribed to the patient. The medication consists of mood stabilizers and tranquilizers. Tranquilizers are mostly used as they give a calm and comforting feeling to the patient. When the patient feels extremely anxious, tranquilizer is given to him so that the person can feel relaxed. Antidepressants are also prescribed to the patient. Some of the most used antidepressants are Xanax, Valium, Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft. Generally antidepressants take some time to start making substantial development in the patient.

Diet Therapy –

Researches have revealed that anxiety disorder or anxiety depression can be controlled by controlling the patient’s diet. There is a direct relation between the type of food in take and the brain’s functioning. When proper diet is taken then the secretion of the neurotransmitters is also balanced which leads to stable feelings. Some of the important tips which are given to anxiety depression patients are cutting down on coffee, reducing excessive in take of low fat diary products, large quantities of whole grain intake should be avoided, reducing the in take of salicylates which are found in most of the spices.

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