Anxiety Depression Causes

Anxiety depression is one of the most suffered diseases in USA. There are many causes for Anxiety disorder. Anxiety is caused due to social stress, personal problems, professional stress etc. When a person is suffering exaggerated fear regarding any particular subject or has the tendency of getting anxious for petty issues then the person is known to be having anxiety disorder. The depressive thoughts which one gets when he/she is in that phase, it starts to effect their daily life and gradually they end up in major depressive problems. To avoid this, it is necessary to know what causes this kind of depression.

Anxiety Depression and its Causes

Anxiety depression causes are many. The list of the causes which are responsible for getting anxiety disorder can run long. To cut it short, this article explains the main factors which causes this depression in people. The following factors are the main causes of anxiety depression.

Physiological –

The physiological aspects are the working aspects of the brain. The brain is responsible for controlling the emotions the person goes through or has. When the brain cannot take the external stress then it starts to resist the pressure which is applied on it and this causes anxiety. When this process is constantly occurring then the brain starts to generate negative thoughts and ultimately leads the person into depression. Another reason is the way the neurotransmitters are secreted. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals which carry the message across the body from the brain. When these go out of balance then the messages cannot be transmitted properly. This way also changes the reactions of the brain to certain situations. These reactions are known as anxiety.

Psychological –

This is the most common cause for anxiety depression. When a person is effected mentally then there are lot of insecurities which develop. Any particular traumatic event or stressful phase may give rise to these insecurities. Changing cities or losing job can also be added in the list of environmental stress factors. Stress makes the disorder even worse. Substance abuse will also affect the person’s mental health in a negative way.

Family background –

Researches were done to figure out what role the genes of the family play in this kind of disorders. In anxiety depression, some children have a natural tendency to fear minor things. The anxious nature which the child or the person develops can be due to the genetic nature. In women this might become worse during periods or pregnancy.

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