Anxiety Depression Symptoms

When a person is feeling scared regarding nothing or if the person is feeling insecure for no reason, then the person is said to be in anxiety depression. A large number of American population suffers from anxiety depression. Persisting fear and constant anxiousness are the major characteristics of this disease. This is said to be one of the most common type of depression in the world. The article gives an overview of anxiety depression symptoms. To identify a particular disease it is very important to know what are the symptoms which are observed in the patient. Symptoms help in diagnosing which disease the patient is suffering.

Symptoms of Anxiety Depression

Anxiety depression symptoms are given in the following points. By following them closely, you’ll have a good understanding about the indications an anxiety depression patient gives.

  • The patients tend to feel very anxious. There is an anxious approach to all the things they do and perceive. They have an excessive stress on themselves.
  • The patients are prone to exaggerate their problems. There is an unrealistic perspective which they carry. This will be a major sign for their depressive nature.
  • The person slowly tends to feel more aggressive and tends to become restless. The patient is edgy about the things they do. There is an apprehensive nature which develops in the patient.
  • Another major sign in anxiety depression patients is their irritable nature. They are not happy with anything that is there around them.
  • It becomes difficult for the patient to concentrate in the work they are doing. Their efficiency levels will fall down drastically.
  • Insomnia is another disorder which they may develop. It becomes hard for them to sleep.
  • Another minor observation one can make in these patients is they need to use the bathroom very frequently. This is often mistaken for being a symptom of diabetes.
  • Physical fatigue and tiredness will also be seen in the patient.

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