Fear Anxiety Depression

Fear and anxiety are the two most commonly experienced feelings. Irrespective of age and gender we suffer fear. The reasons for fearing or feeling anxious are completely different but the result is the same. The disorders which are suffered due to fear and anxiety are known as emotional disorders. They are experienced by more than 20 million Americans. These disorders do not let you live in peace and fill your day with fear. Suffering anxiety is a common thing, provided it lasts for short periods. The causes for anxiety can be any stressful event in your job or at school. When the human brain is put under excessive pressure then it starts resisting. This process causes anxiety and fear.

Facts about Fear Anxiety Disorder

When you want to know about a particular disease, you should be well aware of the basic characteristics of the disease. Knowing this information will help you in dealing with difficult situations with ease. The following points about anxiety disorders will help you know the characteristics of Anxiety disorder.

  • Approximately 1 out of every 9 Americans suffer from anxiety disorder.
  • The main aspect of this disorder is, it fills the patients life with fear and anxiety. These feelings are overwhelming and become uncontrollable for the patient.
  • The different kinds of Anxiety disorders which are known are obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Acute stress disorder, Separation anxiety disorder, phobic disorder, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety due to physical disorder and many more.
  • Anxiety is caused due to both physical and psychological aspects. Physical aspects are the ones which are dependent on the functioning of the brain. The psychological aspects are how the brain deals with the external stress.
  • The patient suffering anxiety disorders act obsessive about everything. They tend to panic more than normal and live with constant fear.
  • In chronic cases there are chances of the person getting hallucinations and delusions. The patient starts to feel nausea and tension in the muscle.
  • Anxiety disorder is a completely treatable disease. There are many treatment therapies which are in practice world wide.
  • Convulsive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most used treatment around the world. This treatment is known to have most efficient results with respect to anxiety depression.

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  1. Anxiety, as you have pointed out does tend to generalise into so many other areas of our lives. This is a great thing ~ why? ~ well when you change and let go of the anxiety this too will generalise into so many more areas of your life. In my experience therapy doesn’t have to take a long time, it’s quick and the effect on other areas is just as quick to experience.

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