Mood Disorder Depression and Treatments

Mood disorder is a variation of mood in a person. The extreme moods experienced by a person in any circumstance shows that the person is suffering from mood disorder. When the mood swings are frequent then the disorder develops into depression. There are several kinds of depression caused due to mood disorders. The important aspect is there is no type of depression which cannot be treated. There are effective treatments which are being applied to treat patients having depression. This article is exclusively to describe these treatment methods.

Treatments for Mood Disorder Depression

The treatment is divided into several steps and a procedure is followed to treat the patient. The results are not seen overnight but the end result is what is more important in this kind of disease. Also the patient should be ready to be patient about the treatment. As there are many kinds of depressive disorders caused due to mood disorders, the treatment also varies from one another.

Two main depression or disorders which are caused due to mood disorders are Bipolar disorder and Major depression. The treatments are quite different excluding the procedure. Initially, psychotherapy is used and in chronic cases medication is used. While on drug treatment, psychotherapy is simultaneously done to improve the treatments efficiency.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder –

Bipolar disorder is a disease which causes extreme moods. If the patient is suffering only one extreme mood, then it is known as unipolar disorder. For treating bipolar disorder, drug treatment and psychotherapy is commonly used. There are help center which take care of the emotional psychological balance. These centers also keep a check on the relapses and take necessary measures to avoid these relapses to become a full grown disorder. In the medication procedure, there are some commonly prescribed medicines which are used to treat bipolar disorder. These are mostly mood stabilizers.

Treatment for Depression –

Depression is one of the most widely spread mental illnesses. Around 15 – 20 million US natives suffer from depression. It is known to be the most dangerous mental illness but completely treatable. Cognitive and behavioral therapy is most commonly used psychotherapy used to treat patients with depression. This therapy is considered to be as good as the medical treatment. In this treatment they alter the behavior and also improve the positive thinking aspect of the patient. Some of the most widely used drugs in this kind of disease are tricyclic, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) and monoamine oxidase inhibitors(MAOI’s). Electroconvulsive therapy which is a controversial treatment, is said to be the best treatment for chronic cases of depression.

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