Mood Disorder Depression Symptoms

Mood disorder depression is considered one of the wide spread depressions. It is diagnosed in more than 1 million US citizens. It comprises of frequent mood swings and personality changes. This kind of depression is known as ‘affective disorder’. They have mainly two different degrees of mood swings, Manic episode and Hypomanic episode. Patients suffering from these disorders are known to be very fickle minded and often show signs of violence. To diagnose this kind of disorder, there are some symptoms which are observed in the patient. This article gives a detailed explanation of the symptoms which are seen in the person.

Symptoms of Mood Disorder Depression

There are several kinds of mood disorders which cause depression. The various depressions which can be suffered are bipolar disorder, manic depression, cyclothemia, dysthymia and seasonal affective disorder. The symptoms observed in these disorders are similar except for minor variations. As mentioned earlier there are two kinds of episodes experienced in mood disorder depressions and the symptoms for both the episodes are different.

Symptoms for Manic episode

Manic episode has high levels of energy and the patient feels very agile and over active. The symptoms which are observed in this episode are given below.

  • Feels elated all the time. There is a extreme positive vibe which is observed in the person. They feel very happy in every aspect.
  • There is belief that the person can accomplish any task. The person grows in confidence which can be termed as ‘ over confidence’.
  • There is lot of energy in the person and are always on their toes. The person will be over enthusiastic about doing work and is extremely active.
  • The person suffers from lack of sleep. In technical terms this disorder is known as insomnia. He works on less sleep and is mostly active even with less sleep.
  • Due to abundant energy, the person gets frustrated if they are idle for a little while. This will also lead to anger and irritability.

Symptoms for Hypomanic episode

Hypomanic episode is completely opposite to the previous kind of episode. In this episode the person is lethargic and depressed most of the time.

  • The person in this episode feels lonely and left out. Even in social gatherings they feel out of place. Insecurity regarding relations develops.
  • The appetite of the person decreases considerably. There is literally no food in take by the person.
  • Very lazy approach to things is seen in the person. The person feels lethargic and lazy most of the times and in turn becomes irritated.
  • Opposite to manic episode, the patient tends to over sleep. The person has trouble in getting up and being active. Also fatigue is another factor which is felt by the person.
  • Most dangerous symptom is the thought of death. The patient feels more comforted thinking of death.

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