Too Much Sleep Depression

Have you ever thought why your day is dragging even after you have slept long enough? Why you feel lethargic after a long nap? Well there is a biological reason why you feel like that. There was a research which was conducted in which more than 1 lakh people where kept in observation and a record was maintained which showed their sleep patterns. In the study of these subjects it is seen that people who sleep longer they tend to have a moody and depressed day. The reason for why this happens is still in the dark.

Depression due to too much of sleep

It is very true that one can go through depression because of too much sleep. When a person is over sleeping for a considerable number of days, then when that person is awake they may start to feel disturbed. The unknown reason for their disturbance may cause more distress and to avoid this feeling they may go back to sleep. This is a dangerous habit as there won’t be any solution if the person is continuing this practise.

Due to over sleeping the person will be affected by lower social exposure and depression. These two effects will have a negative influence on their mental health. For instance, due to low social life, the person may be unaware of higher health problems and this may in turn cause more sleep to the person.

Too much sleep factors

Many people are not aware that sleeping for extra time is also dangerous. The body will only demand for rest when it is tired. When we sleep over time, then the possibility of the body wasting useful energy arises. Over sleeping is also a kind of disorder, it is known as hypresomnia. The need of sleep is necessary, but it is also important to sleep for the right amount of time. The amount of sleep needed for the body varies as we grow older. There are many factors which our sleeping pattern is dependent on. Some of the factors are stated below,

  • stress
  • physical exhaustion
  • mental health
  • food habits
  • weather

The above stated points are the major factors on which the amount of sleep is dependent on. As these factors vary, our sleep pattern also varies. When our sleep pattern varies irrespective of these factors that is when there is high risk of us getting into depression.

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