Melancholic Depression and its Treatment

One of the most dangerous types of depression is Melancholic depression. It is the severe condition on major depression. In the recent times it has been separated from major depression and psychologists started to look at it in a different perspective. Melancholic depression is considered dangerous because, it is responsible for very violent episodes in the patient. This will affect the person physically and it becomes difficult to control the patient. Therefore there are somatic treatments which are used to treat this kind of disease.

Understanding Melancholic Depression

Following are few important points which will give you clarity in understanding the disease.

  • The patient shows lot of emotions and is mostly not satisfied with his surroundings.
  • They lose the ability of gaining pleasure in the positive things.
  • The patients is prone to get delusions and hallucination.
  • A train of thoughts keep rising in the patients brain. There is no relation between two thoughts. This will cause lot of confusion and internal conflict.
  • This disease can be caused due to social and psychological factors. When neglected in the initial stages the patient is bound to get tangled in their own delusions.
  • Melancholic depression is known to be a biological disease. People who have a family history of depression, the probability of the person getting melancholic depression is very high.
  • Apart from this, the abnormal growth of the brain also leads to melancholic depression.

Treatments for Melancholic Depression

Treating any chronic disease is very important. The brighter side of depression is very much treatable. It is never late to treat a depression patient unless the person is very ill physically. There are three major treatments which are used in treating melancholic depression.

Psychotherapy –

Psychotherapy is considered to be safest treatment as it does not involve any kind of supplements or chemicals. The psychotherapy treatment is mostly based on counseling. There are many cases where psychotherapy alone can cure the person from depression. In this particular type of depression, psychotherapy is not known to be very effective as the patient already is suffering from chronic symptoms. Therefore this treatment is used mostly on patients below 18 years, where the symptoms are not so severe.

Medication –

In a slightly higher level of depression medication is used. Medications are mostly mood stabilizers and energy supplements. In melancholic depression because the energy levels are very high psychiatrists do not prescribe energy supplements. Instead they go for mood stabilizers. Mood stabilizers help the person to calm down and gain control on themselves. This helps in treating the patient with psychotherapy. The person with this type of depression, is always suggested psychotherapy along with medication.

Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT) –

It is also know as electroshock or shock treatment. This is one of the harsh treatments given to mentally ill patients. In melancholic depression, because of the nature of the disease this treatment is inevitable. This particular therapy is known to have given the best results. It is very efficient and helpful. Even though it is very good it is known to have side-effects, therefore it is used only as a last resort in such cases.

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