Side-effects of Anti Depressants

Depression is a mental illness which everyone experiences at some point of their life. There are several mood disorders and thought disorientation in the disease. The patient suffers from laziness, fatigue, hopelessness, helpless, low self confidence etc. To stabilizes these erratic feelings, in some cases, thery use antidepressants. But one should also know how these drugs help the patient in coping with depression. Antidepressants are mostly made of opiods, tricyclic and tetracyclic chemicals. They are also known for their efficiency and their adverse effects. Therefore all the patients whoa re prescribed antidepressants are cautioned about the side affects.

There are several adverse effects of antidepressants. This article gives you a brief description about all the possible side-effects these drugs have.

Side-effects of Antidepressants

The side-effects of these drugs are categorized depending on the different departments they show substantial results. There are around 6 common departments in which the side-effects are put in.

General –

A particular drug called MAO inhibitors which is used to stabilize the varying moods of the patients is suggested to have with proper diet. It is prone to give you hypertensive reactions if this drug is taken with a diet having lot of tyramine. Antidepressants are also responsible for triggering mania or hypomania (in case of bipolar depression). Some of the breast cancer patients have the possibility of relapsing their disease with the usage of some antidepressants.

Sexual –

Impotence is another possibility. Due to excessive usage of antidepressants, sexual dysfunction is possible. Some of the very common side effects of these drugs are libido, lack of interest in sex, not having proper orgasm etc. SSRI’s are the type of drugs which affect around 30-50% of the patients who use them. They cause sexual dysfunction. Mirtazapine is the drug which causes lesser sexual side effects.

REM Sleep –

Most of the antidepressants have this side effect on the patient. They suppress the REM sleep. This affect often causes fatigue in the patients. This type of fatigue effects the daily activities of the patient.

Obesity –

With the usage of the antidepressants, there is a probability of gaining around 5-25kg of weight. There is no specific cause which can be related to this side effect. The proposed reason for this reaction is the craving for food is increased with the usage of antidepressants and the patient never feels full even when he haves sufficient calories. Therefore patients are always advised to have lot of physical activity when they are on antidepressants.

Thymoanesthesia –

This is closely related to sexual side effects. There is mood blunting which is caused due to these drugs. The patient has the possibility of emotional standstill. They feel numb, indifferent, feeling of detachment etc. They practically don’t care about their surroundings.

Suicide –

Suicide is one of the most dangerous side effects antidepressants have shown. People using these drugs are always cautioned by the physician that there might be drastic change in the behavior and also they may have to face suicidal tendencies. Federal health officials propsed to change the labels of the antidepressants in 2006.the prescription of these drugs to minors was stopped in the year 2003.

With the right guidelines and proper guidance, the antidepressants are the best that work in case of chronic depression cases. Always avoid over the table antidepressants. Never take antidepressants without proper check up or prescription.

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  1. There was probably not much wrong with Melissa Huckaby mentally until the community mental health system got a hold of her from her shoplifting conviction. She was diagnosed with depression (probably b/c her husband abandoned her and their child and never paid support.) She should have been diagnosed with poverty. At the time of the crime she had in her possession prescriptions that were prescribed to her for paroxetine, aprazolam, benzodiazapine, Xanax, Adderall, and others, in addition, she was using her grandmother’s oxycodin. Even one of these drugs alone may cause insanity, and per her comments, it doesn’t seem like she actually remembered what she did, at least she didn’t know why. For examples of other manufactured lunatics, there is Kevin Underwood, who, on taking Lexapro killed a neighbor girl with the intention of eating her, Alyssa Bustamante, a 15 year old girl who killed her 9 year old neighbor after being on Prozac for 2 years, the VA Tech shooter withdrawing from antidepressants, and the Columbine shooters on court ordered antidepressants. Doctors see you for about 15 minutes before prescribing these mind altering drugs, they operate like people who have had numerous and substanital head injuries. But it is unknown whether these were all prescribed to Melissa legitimately or if she went around to numerous doctors not telling them about the other drugs. (Like Michael Jackson.)

  2. I have been taking anti-depressants for 2 and a half years now and have experienced most of the side effects others seem to experience, however one that I have that is becoming more prevelant is memory loss. does anybody else experience this and if so how do you combat it.

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