Melancholic Depression

Depression is spread over a large section of the medical field. There are various methods in which depression can be suffered. One of the types of depression is Melancholic Depression. It is considered to be a sub type of depression. There are various features in this kind, by which the person sufferers deep pain and agitation. People suffering with this kind of depression cannot get pleasure or satisfaction in any positive thing.

Apart from the negative thinking, the person is also known to be physically agitated. This will lead to violent behavior and may end up into taking their own life or turn into a psychopath.

Facts about Melancholic Depression

Here are some of the facts about melancholic depression. These facts are provided so that you have a better understanding on the disease. The following facts will help you to take necessary actions when you encounter with such patients.

  • Melancholic depression is a severe mood disorder. The patient is known to show psychotic nature.
  • Nearly 10% of the depression patients suffer with melancholic depression around the world.
  • This type of depression is many times misunderstood with the person being possessed and supernatural forces acting on them. Due to unawareness of this depression, may patients are not treated properly with this disease.
  • The person is capable of having extreme anger and also posses high physical strength. The person’s mental disorder can be characterized by depression of spirits, ill grounded fears, hallucinations and random thoughts.
  • They also tend to brood upon a single idea or thought. They lose the ability to focus on one thought and work, this causes the agitation in the person’s brain.
  • It is often described as a conflict between the ‘ego’ and ‘superego’. Melancholic depression can be observed mostly in middle aged people.
  • Mostly this depression is caused due to biological reasons. There are many patients who naturally develop this problem due to hereditary.
  • Some of the social aspects may also be a factor which will effect the person in a traumatic way. It may be due to negligence from colleagues, high ego factor etc.
  • In the case of melancholic depression, there are three common treatments. Psychotherapy is used for the initial stages, medication is used when the disease is serious in the patients. Most dangerous and unethical treatment is the electro-convulsive treatment. The third kind of treatment is used as a last resort.
  • Patients are often treated back to normality with simple medication and psychotherapy. Electro-convulsive treatment is used only when the patient is a chronic case and when the first two treatments have failed.

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