Melancholic Depression and Causes

Melancholic depression is a sub type of depression. The patient goes through a psychotic episode suffering physical agitation, hopelessness, negative feelings etc. It is separated from various depression types like major depression, mild depression etc. There are many symptoms by which we can identify this kind of depression. The patient goes through lot of stress and physical strain. This type of depression is suffered by approximately 10% of the whole population. This is due to people being unaware of the patients mental disorder. The causes of melancholic depression are branched into many fields.

Causes of Melancholic Depression

The causes to this kind of depression is known to be very versatile. Some of the major causes being the biological and social causes. When the ego has some particular perspective about things then the superego conflicts it. Due to this the thoughts are distorted in the mind. This will cause lot of mood imbalance in the person which will lead to irrational behavior.

Following are the causes which are involved in causing melancholic depression.

Biological Causes –

The biological causes are abnormal growth of brain, improper hormonal discharge etc. Some of the main causes are known to be hereditary. Most of the depression patients have a family history of depressive ancestors. This is a major factor which influences the possibility of having melancholic depression. The abnormal growth also affects the thinking ability of the person which will affect them in having mood swings and severe emotional feelings.

Psychological Causes –

As per Freud’s theory, there are three different egos in a human brain. The two main egos are – ego and super ego. When the ego takes a decision, the super ego does not approve it and starts to act against it. This will cause lot of biasing of the thought. The result of this biasing is, confusion. This will lead to dissatisfaction of anything the person does. Therefore causing psychotic reactions and also depressive symptoms.

Social Causes –

The social life in a person is very important and this aspect changes a lot of things in a persons behavior. The people around a person can influence him in many ways. Most of the times when a person is neglected by the people around him, then there is very high possibility that the person may lose self-confidence. Due to this also there are high chances that the person may lead into depression.

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