Symptoms of Melancholic Depression

Melancholic depression is a unique kind of depression. The patient suffering the disorder has psychotic episodes. The person is known to have varied moods and dissatisfaction towards everything they do. It is characterized by severe depression symptoms. This kind of depression is known to be a part of manic depression. The patient whose depressive symptoms become chronic and the actions are more psychotic then normal then the person is said to be suffering from melancholic depression. They tend to loss interest in basic things and are vulnerable to adopting to negative things.

Understanding Melancholic Depression

To understand the patients reaction, one should know exactly what the person is going through. This will help us in dealing with the person more effectively. It is mostly a complete biological depression. It is a very uncommon depression which is observed.

In psychoanalysis, Hanna Seagal describes melancholic depression as a defence mechanism devised by the body to fight the depressive state of the mind. This defence is known as manic-schizoid. Freud was the first person to use melancholic to describe depression. There are several symptoms with which we can identify this disorder in a person.

Symptoms of Melancholic Depression

The various symptoms which are observed in melancholic depression are stated below.

  • Non-reactive moods, this is one of the major observation in these patients. The person opts not to react to any situation. He becomes very indifferent to his surroundings.
  • The person is always in distress and cannot handle it. This shows very clearly to people. The patient is not satisfied with everything that is around him. That is the reason why psychotic nature is formed.
  • Anhedonia is another observation. They tend to not gain any pleasure from any positive act. They always are unhappy and moody.
  • Psychometer Disturbance, it is a psychological term. When a person’s mood and behavior are varying drastically then their mental stability(which is checked on a psychometer) varies drastically.
  • There is a significant physical change which can be seen. The person becomes weak and loses appetite.
    In the morning times, the people suffering from this disease has worst moods and energy levels.

All the above symptoms which are described have a tendency to vary in the course of the day. Therefore always be careful when you are dealing with melancholic depression.

2 responses to Symptoms of Melancholic Depression

  1. I have been diagnosed with melcancholic depression with suicidal ideation and borderline personality disorder. I have been on sooo many drugs that work for awhile and then they no longer work. I went thru ECT in May 2010. It was a last resort for me. I wanted to commit suicide. I struggle from day to day. The mornings are the worst. I am currently on Effexor at 375mgs a day. Some days are good. This seems to be the only drug that works on a consistency basis. I was told I would most probably die from suicide then from normal causes………Is there any drugs out there that can give my life back? I’m now on Social Security Disability. I have also had a life of drugs and alcohol. I was addicted to crack. Using crack gave me the energy that the deression took away. Unfortunately the crack turned on me. I am grateful that it did. Today I am clean.

    Thanks for listening!

    How can I get involved to get the word out about this type of depression?

    Gerard aka Gerry

  2. look i dont no myself if this going to benefit to you or tryin to correspond with like mind people like yourself .i have had 31years of this disease i no where your at i have just self-diagnos myself for years i new i had it but couldnt realise it and carried on with life,saying in time it will settle and life will carry on well it settle but as i aged so did the disease where now it got a good gripon my life,lol so im like you it has now taking me out of the work force an am on a sickness benifit life is pretty gloomy but i sort of had to walk that road to find recovery plan for my self cause as you no every human being is different as for your self medication is sort of a super fix for me it just sent me the other way there is a term they call it ,any way im a firm believer that trial and error works so be patient diagnos yourself mean test yourself to see if the results are working diarys are good only you no.for me i different again i have to trail and error my condition and self manage it even closer than be for,and finally self diagnosing my disease has put a huge step towards recovery for me i call it msmp ; myself management plan are familar with it
    kind regards

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