Manic Depression Symptoms

One can observe that few people have drastic mood swings. This is known as Manic Depression. Manic depression is mainly seen in two different episodes. One is known as Manic Episode, where the patient is highly energetic and has a very aggressive approach to everything. Depressive episode is the second type. In this the patient is very depressed and feels hopeless. The uniqueness of this disorder is that the patients mood changes all of a sudden and it becomes difficult for people around to handle them.

Another episode which is rare in people is Mixed Bipolar Episode. In this phase the patient goes through both manic and depressive moods at the same time. This is a very dangerous time for the patient as it can get very frustrating.

Symptoms Of Manic Depression

A person who is affected by Manic depression shows a variety of emotions. People suffering manic depression are not entitled to one particular mood. The symptoms are different for different episodes.

Manic Episode Symptoms-

  • high energy levels
  • being in good mood all the time
  • over optimism
  • insomnia
  • increased sexual drive
  • fickle mind
  • speech problem
  • irritability
  • abnormal behavior
  • aggressive nature

Depressive Episode Symptoms –

  • anxiety
  • anxiousness
  • guilt feeling
  • excessive sleeping
  • isolating themselves
  • excessive eating or starvation
  • irritability
  • loss of interest in daily activities
  • poor concentration
  • identity crisis
  • pessimistic thinking
  • fatigue or laziness

Mixed Bipolar Symptoms –

  • troubled sleep
  • agitation
  • restlessness
  • drastic change in appetite
  • depressed nature
  • suicidal tendencies

There are other symptoms which point towards manic depression. Hypomania and Psychosis. Both of these symptoms are observed in manic depression. These disorders hypomania(in mild or moderate depression) and psychosis (in chronic stages of the disorder) are evident and require separate treatment.

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