Dysthymia- Causes and Treatment

A mild depression is known as Dysthymia. It is not as dangerous as Major depression but it is very long lasting. The symptoms are seen in the patient for approximately 2 years. It is also seen in children. There are no cases of death or suicide when it comes to dysthymia. It is an uncomfortable phase for the patient and his or her relatives and loved ones. In this article we shall see the cause and treatments for dysthymia.

Causes of Dysthymia

It is not clear as to what causes dysthymia. There are many theories relating to lack of hormone production, changes in brain which involve serotonin or the brain not being able to cope up with emotions. The chemical called serontonin helps the brain handle emotions and make judgements on things. When this fails the brain tends to create a shell around itself which effects to irritability, low self-confidence, etc. Other stress related to life also play a vital role in causing this disorder. The above described causes are only probabilities, as the main causes is still not known.

Treatment of Dysthymia

There are three different types of therapies which have been designed to cure dysthymia. In chronic cases Medication is given to control the illness. In minor cases a Psychotherapy is done to alter the person thinking. Most important help can come from family and friends.

Medication –

In cases where the initial symptoms are neglected, the person may develop chronic dysthymia. In these cases the patient must be prescribed to medication. The most common anti depressant which is prescribed to the patient is SSRI. It is to increase the production of serotonin chemical in the brain. It is safe to have and is relatively effective when compared to other antidepressants. Though it is said that there are some side effects which are observed with the consumption of side effects, with proper guidance these side effects can be curbed.

Psychotherapy –

Psychotherapy is a very effective way of controlling this disorder. When psychotherapy is combined with medication the best results are achieved. The type of psychotherapy is decided considering the nature of the patients mental illness history. This treatment helps the patient in building positive thinking. The patient is trained in a way to avoid negative thoughts and self discriminating.

Family and Friends –

Research suggest that there is a strong connection with the family and the patients illness. Therefore it is suggested by many psychiatrists, that the family should make the importance of the patient felt in the family. This will help the patient to build confidence. The family should try and remind the capabilities and the positive aspects of the person. Appreciation is an important aspect.

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