Dysthymia and Its Symptoms

Dysthymia is a mild version of depression. It is considered dangerous not because of the effects but for the time period it lasts for. There are a few cases where its effects it last for a life time. On an average the effects of this disorder last for approximately 2 years. There is no proper known cause which can be blamed for causing dysthymia. As it is a mild depression, the symptoms are hard to catch. Many people ignore the symptoms of dysthymia which leads to a much averse effect. Many of the characteristics of it are very similar to that of major depression except that dysthymia has a mild effect and there are no drastic changes in the person.

Symptoms of Dysthymia

Insomnia –

Due to the irrational thinking and the negative thoughts the patient gets, the person is prone to sleep less. As the problem increases, the person may become an insomniac. The lack of sleep will actually worsen the disorder. There are also cases where the patient sleeps excessively.

Low Energy –

The patient feels very lethargic and often comes up with reasons to avoid work. On the other hand he doesn’t have so much of energy too. He/she is often seen very depressed and isolated. The patient feels tired easily and doesn’t encourage people giving him work. End of the day he doesn’t enjoy working.

Eating Disorder –

Eating is another major symptom with which we can tell if the person is going through a bad phase. Sometimes people tend to starve themselves or over eat. Both are signs of the person not being happy. Voracious eating or no eating at all are major signs of a person having dysthymia.

Identity Crisis –

You can observe the person fights an identity crisis. The person feels hopeless and always puts oneself down. Low self-esteem is developed in the person. And this leads to many other reputation problems where the person will let himself down.

Others –

There are several other finer symptoms which one can observe in them. Things like poor concentration, strain, problem in decision making, irritability etc.

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  1. i have a friend who has eating disorder, she was rehabilitated when she almost died.,,~

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