Psychotic Depression

Depression has many types and intensities in which a person gets affected. Psychotic depression is also a type of depression where a person is effected by the disease to a chronic level. It is also known as PMD(Psychotic Major Depression). The patients tends to get delusions and hears voices and see people who are not true. This will create lot of conflict in the mind of the person and will lead to many fatal results. There are many cases of psychotic depression. There are some facts which are given below regarding Psychotic depression.

Facts of Psychotic Depression –

  • Psychotic depression is a chronic case of depression.
  • One person out of 250 people suffer from PMD.
  • Normally it comes in episodes. After a period of time it dies off. It is said that on an average 4-9 such episodes are experienced by the patient. But in some cases it is chronic and it lasts for a long time, which can be up to 2 years.
  • The person is also prone to get hallucination. Auditory hallucinations are considered to be observed more in this disorder.
  • Like other mental disorders the delusions may not be very obvious. But yet the patient suffers from it. Delusions are more common than the hallucinations.
  • There are some delusions where the person feels there is something very wrong with their own body. Thought they are perfectly alright, they feel there is something wrong with their system.
  • The other symptoms which a PMD patient may exhibit are agitation, insomnia and other problems. PMD patients have a greater tendency to try suicide.

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