Psychotic Depression- Symptoms

Psychotic depression is a special case of depression where the symptoms and treatment are different. The person in depression suffers from intense reactions and extreme emotions. There are many causes for this depression. They tend to experience delusions and get hallucinations. It is mainly episodic in nature. In some cases it last for a long time, approximately 2 years or so. PMD(Psychotic Major Depression) is known to have some unique biological features. This has helped many psychiatrists to come up with innovative treatments.

Symptoms of PMD:

We shall discuss some important symptoms which will help us identify people who are suffering from PMD.

  • Anxiety is one of the most obvious symptom which can be seen in depression. In psychotic depression, the patient seems to show extreme anxiety in everything and are mostly nervous about things in general.
  • The person gets agitated for the smallest of things. He starts doing his work in a hurry giving a picture that he is restless. There is an urging nature in everything they do.
  • Laziness is another aspect of these patients. They are very lazy in doing things. They even avoid doing their daily basic works. They may even avoid brushing, bathing and other such activities. They tend to laze around whole day. Losing interest in all their work.
  • Psychosis, is a major symptom which will help us diagnose PMD. The person complains of seeing unreal things. Hearing voices is another delusion the person gets. There are chances of the person getting hallucinations also.
  • Insomnia is also observed in this disorder. The patient suffers from lack of sleep. They may go sleepless for a long time. Causing them these delusions.

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  1. anxiety and depression are hard to treat if the patient has not been checked for years.,*”

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