Psychotic Depression – Causes and Treatment

Psychotic depression is a type of depression where the patient gets delusions and hallucinations. It is an episodic diseases which comes in phases to the patient. In chronic cases the phases lasts as long as 2 years. Almost 0.4% of the population are suffering from psychotic depression. This comes to 1 out of 250 people. Other such mental illness also have similar symptoms but the person suffering psychotic depression is aware of these thoughts and is embarressed to confront people that he is going through these delusions.

Causes of PMD:

The various causes of psychotic depression are attributed to these reasons. It is also considered to be a biological illness where the body doesn’t stimulate few hormones properly. Due to this the person tends to get hallucinations and delusions. It can also be due to side effects of the drugs used by the person. This will increase the need of that particular drug and will in turn destroy the persons thinking abilities. The drugs need not be non-prescribed drugs. Some of the prescription drugs also have the tendency of giving the person delusions.

Another rare cause is the family hereditary. If someone in the family has suffered from PMD, the chances of one of the family member getting the similar problem are high. Also the physical aspect of the person will lead him into psychotic depression.

Treatments for PMD:

Treatment for psychotic depression requires more attention then normal depression. As there are more violent phases the person has to be given constant attention. The following methods are used to treat patients with PMD.

Combination of antidepressants and anti-psychotic medication should be given to the patient.
Electro convulsive therapy is considered to be a very effective treatment for people suffering PMD. Though it is said to be a second line treatment.
The patient needs to be in the hospital for longer and should have constant attention given by a mental health professional.

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