Adolescent Depression

Depression is a disorder which affects people of any age. Teenage depression is also known as adolescent depression. Adolescent depression is very dangerous, as it may build wrong habits in the children in the growing ages. There are many causes and symptoms in identifying which teenager is in depression. Teenagers are more prone to fall in depression as there are many unwanted expectations on them from their parents. Developing complex on other kids will also lead to depression. It is very important on the parents part to take care of the child and help him not to get into bad influence.

Understanding Adolescent Depression

One of the most important task for the parents is to always keep their teen kid happy and not to give him reasons to be sad. First and foremost thing to understand about your teenager is what are his needs and why does he need it? Most of the teenagers are depressed because their wants are not fulfilled. There is a wide misconception that teen depression is common. It is not true! Teens do have temperamental problems but they compensate with good performance at school or in the college or sometimes with good company.

It is not compulsory that all the teenagers have such traits. There are some teens who cannot balance this activities and are often a victim of depression. The teen who is suffering from depression is generally low in self confidence, sad most of the times and carries a guilt feeling along.

Facts about Adolescent Depression:

  • Depression in teenagers can be caused due to excessive sleeping.
  • Most of the teenagers are the victims of depression as they are involved in drug abuse.
  • Adolescent behavior is difficult to diagnose as it is a little similar to normal teenage behavior as they have varied moods.
  • Single parent can also be a cause for teenage depression.

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