Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is also known as Major Depressive Disorder. Though it is referred as depression, there can be may types of depression. To precisely point out the type of depression, we use the term clinical depression. There can be many reasons and causes for the origination of this state of mind. It is known to affect your thinking and acting. It is a mental illness which affects your persona in a negative way. Clinical depression can be a prolonged illness if not taken proper care. It also may worsen your physical health.

Causes Of Clinical Depression –

Seligman has stated that “The phase of learned helplessness, is considered as clinical depression.” When you go for clinical help for over coming a depressed state of mind, then the doctors diagnose your condition as a case of clinical depression. It is estimated that approximately 19 million Americans get affected by clinical depression annually. The causes may be versatile, depending on the areas where you are not satisfied with yourself. Some of the well known factors or causes for clinical depression are

  • Biological or psychological factors.
  • Social factor. The lack of social life and sometimes isolation from social gatherings is also considered to be a cause for clinical depression.
  • Some people have a pre-existing vulnerability towards depression which is triggered by some stressful events in life. These pre-existing vulnerability may be genetic in some cases and due to the schematic learning’s of the person in his childhood.
  • Serotonin transpoter (5-HTT) is a gene in the body which is responsible for increasing the chances of the person getting into depression. This gene tends to vary more when the person is leading a stressful and eventful life.
  • Unnatural causes like drug, caffeine and other such substance can also be responsible for clinical depression.

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