Depression due to Career Crisis: Facts

The career can be the most important things in any person’s life. Most of the people work diligently towards developing the career of their choice. Some people might work towards getting the financial security they require. But, they career things can make or break the hell out of a person.

Most of the guys tend to force themselves into their career prospects, which often leave them in a state of helplessness. The work pressure and the targets which they have to be reached on time can make the person go haywire.

Some of the reasons for a person to develop a career crisis are:

Job satisfaction:

most of the working individuals always lack a job satisfaction in them. They often end up doing the very jobs they dislike. But for the purpose of survival they continue their jobs only to make more miserable.

Work pressure:

Although most of the companies can pay you well but the work pressure they put on an individual can be extreme. It can be called as the donkey’s load. They can leave a person in a state o despondency and a state of depression.


How often do you hear this that my boss is a devil? Most of the people complain of having a tough time with their boss. They can possess the employee just as a devil and drive the into a state of madness. Often people get nightmares of their bosses.

These are some of the reasons how a career crisis can add to the depression factor in an individual.

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  1. I used to love my job, until a new opportunity pressented itself and i tought by taking it I was investing on my career. I was very mistaken! I hate my new job, as the opportunity they presented me, it does not exist. I miss my old job and would like to go back.
    All this is causing a lot of problems at home with my husband, as i am always sad, crying or in bad mood. I feel like i failed. It is an terrible way to spend one’s life. I am aplying to every single job i can get, including jobs on my old company. Hopefully this situations changes soon- as it is very challenging and depresing.

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