Depression due to Low Self esteem: Causes

One of the causes or the major reasons for any persons to get into a depressive state is a poor or a low self esteem. A low sense of self can drive the person and his moods into a low state. A person with a poor sense of self tries compensating it with various things or personality disorders just to make himself look more valuable.

Some of the reasons for the development of a low self esteem can be outlined in the following way:


whether you believe it or not most of the problems related to a low self esteem arise from the relation a person has with his parents. If the parents help in providing a positive self image and encouraging words to their children, it can help in the development of the children with a better sense of self.

In the same way if the parents provide a criticising environment, their children might grow up to be a person with low self esteem.


Another aspect of an individual for the development of a poor self esteem would be loneliness. People without friends often feel more vulnerable and have a poor sense of self. They find themselves staying aloof from the crowd and have difficulties in making friends. This can make their self value sink to the bottom.

Ways to better self esteem:

Make commitments:

To break the cycle of low esteem, one has to get back the belief in themselves. And this can be possible only when you can stick to the commitments you keep for yourself.

Love thyself:

Yes, all the love in the world starts only from yourself. If you cannot love yourself then it is impossible to love anyone truly. Start by loving yourself and also forgiving yourself.

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