Depression and Hearing voices: Causes

The complications of a depression can differ in various individuals. Some times it may result in the person hearing voices. These voices seem so real. They appear as a voice of a real person. These voices in the head can drive a person crazy.

The depressive symptoms along with the voices can tear the person apart. And it can get so difficult as no other person can really understand what you are going through. And yes, there are many people in the whole world who experience such symptoms.

The way in which one can deal with it, can be explained in the following way:

Personality syndrome:

Hearing voices in depression, can be a personality syndrome. Now, lets understand how a personality syndrome is formed. Basically, it starts with the excessive storage of feelings. If a person finds himself unable to express the feelings of anger, hurt or grief, these feelings get stored within. As they accumulate together more feelings with them. They become a personality or a part in you.

These personalities or parts have a constant urge to express themselves. This is done in the from of a voice. There can be many parts or personalities that are formed in an individual. Each part carries itself a voice. Depression can be mainly formed due to storage of excessive feeling. And these feelings can develop into a personality or a voice.

Cure or treatment:

Yes, for the cure one can get in touch with a psycho therapist. As, psycho therapy can aid in releasing all the pent up emotions or feelings.
One needs help of an expert in dealing with such things. Individual effort can be of help but having professional assistance has a greater advantage in overcoming the symptoms of the depression and of hearing the voices.

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