Heart break and depression.

Love and relations can be a biggest source for a person to develop the feelings of grief or depression. Young people specially in their teens are often bitten hard by the love bug. Not all relations end up on a happy note. Most of the relation break up unevenly causing lot of pain to either of the individuals.

How does one deal with a break up or even a heart break?

The main reason for the immense amount of pain one experiences during a heart break is due to the attachment. People in love often get extremely attached to the object of love. And a sudden rejection can cause them to go into a depression.

Everybody goes through heart breaks at one time of the other in their life. Everybody faces the depressive symptoms due to a heart break. Although the going may seem extremely difficult. Time, is the best healer. Most of the people can come out of their depressive feelings if they give themselves enough time to heal the wound in their heart.

Some of the tips that can help an individual overcome the depressive feelings due to a heart break are:


accept the hard reality, it is over . It has been done. No amount of sulking and whining will get it back. Accept it as the hard reality of life. Though acceptance is not something which is done for a moment. One has to accept it each moment and each day of their life. This can help them to get better understanding of the situation.

Allow time to heal:

Give yourself some time to heal. The wound in the heart will need some time to recoup itself back. Till that time just be patient and allow it to heal.

Keep yourself busy:

Yes, keep yourself occupied all the time with interesting things. Play sports or any other thing that can give you recreation as well as a work out.


The feelings in us have to be expressed. Yes, it is hard. Write all the feelings you experience in a journal. Whatever you feel can be written down and expressed. This can make you feel lot lighter and happier.

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  1. When it feels like nothing you do to heal has helped, there’s that feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Obsessive thoughts combined with shame and regret build layer upon layer making life feel unmanageable. I am trying to keep the thought that healing is possible in my heart and in the head. We have to try to get up and start the day. Even if we feel like the biggest loser life has ever seen. I am feeling broken, guilty, shameful, lost, helpless, hopeless, sick, tired, stressed, confused, utterly alone….blood is boiling swirling hurling more thoughts and feelings of loss and darkness. Sad.

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